Safeguarding Your Heart During Your Next Move

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In today’s hard economic times, many families are forced into selling their home and moving in with relatives.  Although it will be a humbling time of gratitude, and a gift-horse should never be looked at in the mouth, but a touch of “home” is necessary to make the transition easier on everyone.  As children, most of us had that special, significant item that we bonded with, took everywhere and comforted us when we were sad, lonely or scared.  As adults, a bit of nostalgia can still go a long way so when packing up your life to put into storage as you head off to live with mom & dad once again, don’t forget to leave out some comfort items for everyone in the family to help with the transition from one stage of your life to another.  Professional packers can help properly store all your belongings and professional movers can get it there safely but only you can safeguard your heart against anguish because change is imminent but being homesick isn’t.

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