Moving Tips

The very first “tip” to help you plan your move is: plan your move!

Our personal relocation consultants can help you lay the groundwork in advance for a stress-free move.

Time Your Move Although some situations (such as a job change) do not give you this choice, when possible understand the moving industry’s “peak” and “off peak” seasons. “Peak” for movers means:

  • Summertime
  • Beginning of the month
  • End of the month
  • Christmas and New Year’s Holidays

If you can avoid these peak times, you may can have a more affordable move.

Get Estimates Of course we want you to use Prudential Van Lines, but we want you to be sure you have made the right choice. Get three written estimates; it is common for reputable estimates to be close in amount. Very high or very low amounts should be suspect.

Purge! Assess your belongings before your relocation consultant arrives. This will make it easier for you and the consultant to determine what will be moved, and therefore, how much it will cost. Remember areas you seldom visit, such as the attic, basement, under the beds, and storage areas.

Talk to Us! Communication between mover and customer is the absolute most important factor in a successful move. If you need to change something about the move, such as adding or deleting an item, or changing a date or destination, it is better to let us know the moment you know. That way we can work with you to make the necessary changes. We also need to be able to locate you when we have questions; please make sure we have a good phone number to reach you!

PBO (Pack by Owner) Considerations If you decide to do your own packing, Prudential Van Lines will not be liable for items that you packed yourself. (But if there is obvious exterior damage to a carton that you had packed, mark it on your inventory sheet so we can resolve the situation.) Drivers may not accept boxes you have packed if they appear compromised or improperly packed. If the driver has to re-pack cartons that you originally packed, there will be additional charges.

Employer Assistance With Moving Expenses If your company is relocating you, find out what portion of your moving expenses will be paid by your company.

Special Considerations for Antiques and Wood Furniture Obtain a written appraisal of antiques to verify their value. Do not retouch, wax or oil wood furniture before moving. Some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads.

Don’t Forget the Mail! Notify the post office that you will be moving. Provide them with a new address (permanent or temporary). Use the attached link to change your address online

Access to Your Home Please let the mover know if conditions make it impossible for a semi truck to get to your home. If the mover needs to transport items through obstacles (such as narrow streets), they will need to know so the “shuttle” costs can be incorporated into your estimate.

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