Coping with an Emotional Move

One thing we can all agree on is that moving is very stressful.  We never look at the other side.  There are lots of ways to minimize the stress of moving so you can actually enjoy the life moment.  Being able to look forward to moving as a plus, as well as a satisfying experience.

Try these top 5 tips to help with an Emotional move.

  1. Time is always in short supply, so try to plan ahead.  A time line with 8-12 weeks to get ready for the move should be sufficient.
  2. Organization is key to keeping you on track and help reduce your stress levels.
  3. Clearing out the Clutter can be freeing.  I have found box’s from a previous move that I never opened!  It is a great feeling to clear out these items, you can always breath better knowing that you are clutter free.
  4. Saying Farewell to your old neighborhood.  This can help close out this chapter of your life and let you look back with fond memories.
  5. Taking Care of You!  We often think we don’t have the time, but it does not have to be time consuming  and it can refill your tank which is usually on empty.  Try visiting your favorite coffee shop, stop by and visit family or getting a good nights sleep with a healthy meal.

Prudential van lines takes the grunt work out of your residential or commercial move

It is  no surprise that when you’re moving residentially or commercially, your move  will be filled with boring task.  Wouldn’t you rather be spending time doing anything else instead of packing and labeling and loading your stuff.  We at Prudential Van lines take the grunt work out of your move. We are passionate about doing the task that you don’t want to do.

There are many reasons why people move their office or home, no matter the reason there’s no way to hide distress that is involved. The people you choose to help you move  make a big impact on whether your move is stressful or stress-free. Recruiting your friends or your employees to handle your move yourself could put a big strain on the relationship and could cost you more in the end. A Prudential Van lines consider us the friend you know who has a truck. Yes hiring a professional moving company is going to cost some money, but think of the favor you owe your friends and/or the possible resentment your employees feel by you making them help you move. It may be cheaper to hire professional moving.

Prudential timelines we have team of  professional movers dedicated to making your move hassle free. Don’t wait until the last minute either as soon as you know you’re going to move get us involved. Your professional relocation consultant can help plan and prepare you for your upcoming move relieving all the stress that goes along with planning and doing your move. They will assist you from the moment you call or fill out our get estimate form through to moving day and won’t leave until you’re satisfied.

Everyone should benefit from hiring a professional moving company

The truth is that every move varies depending on the family or individual. You may think you are a small family that doesn’t need a professional moving company,  until you prepare for your move and realize you may  need a little more help they can do on your own. There are variety of moving companies the customer can choose from, but will that company cater to their specific needs. Prudential Van lines we pride ourselves giving top quality service at a price that fits any size budget. We believe everyone should benefit from having a professional moving company and should focus more on their new life in their new home instead of stressing about how to move.

There are some things to consider when you’re shopping for professional moving company if you want to compare prices make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples, not just going for the lowest price inquire more with the company to ensure that the services they’re quoting cover all the services the other quotes are covering.

Other ways you can save money other than finding a quote that’s the lowest is to lower the cost of the move yourself.  Have a garage sale or go through your inventory and throw out what you don’t need. Hopefully you are reading this article well in advance so that you not rush to make hasty decisions and throw things out just because you want your move done. Take your time inventory stuff well and see if you can clear out the clutter to produce them pounds needed for your move.

When  hiring professional moving company that you find online the weary of the ones that give you a final quote over the phone without actually visiting your location, by meeting with the companies relocation consultant you will not only get a more accurate quote but have an opportunity to meet the company in person and see if you trust this person. Prudential Van lines we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and aim to have you as a new friend that will move with this in store with us every time. And of course recommend us to all your family and friends. The only way you would ever do that is if you trust us.

So if you’re moving in the near future give us a call to specialize in last-minute moves, or if you’re lucky to have been researching  residential moving companies well in advance don’t wait until the last minute contact us right away so we can help you prepare for your next move.

Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves

You may think the only reason to hire a mover is to move your house or apartment. But consider this more than 60% of moves a professional mover does is commercial moves. When you make the decision to hire professional moving company to help your company move you lessen the stress of your employees while they go through this transitional time. You can allow them to focus more on keeping business going rather than helping you move files from the back room. The sooner you can get a relocation consultant involved with your plans to move the smoother your move will be. In some cases you may have equipment that needs to be dismantled and reassembled in the new location. Or there may actually be remodeling that will be needed to move some of your specialty items. Important to note to the professional mover can help better protect load and unload important server equipment or computer equipment used for your day-to-day business.

A commercial move can get quite, complicated with multiple task going in many different directions having a dedicated relocation consultant assigned to your move will help keep everything in order. Every commercial move is unique in the relocation consultant will be able to plan your move based on your unique circumstances. For example you may be downsizing your office and need to put portion of your equipment and storage you can help arrange short or long-term storage help you move into that storage and even retrieve some storage for you after you moved in.

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

The trend is growing each day more and more people are deciding to hire a professional moving company rather than packing and moving their belongings themselves. This day and age companies are being more and more competitive with their rates than ever before, and with the cost of renting trucks, the cost of gas and do-it-yourself solutions in many cases it’s either the same price or cheaper to hire professional.

When you do decide to hire a professional moving company there’s more ways to save money other than just comparing quotes. As you breeze through your house clear out clutter get rid of stuff that you really don’t need this will save on the amount of packing that need. In addition many moving companies quote based on pounds and every pound counts.

New Trend in Moving

Lately there has been a trend among people that live in metropolitan areas to start hiring professional moving companies instead of moving themselves. With the cost of renting trucks and getting people to help you becoming so pricey hiring a professional mover really isn’t that much more expensive.

The cost of hiring professional mover can be customized to your specific needs. When a relocation consultant visits your home they can assess your situation and help, and develop a plan to move you that will fit your budget. Some things to think about before the relocation consultant visits your home consider this moving companies often charge based on pounds, so if you’re looking to save, they consider doing a little spring cleaning and get rid of that unwanted stuff for the common messenger house.

Another cost of your move is in the mileage; this is one of the main areas where professional moving companies are competitive. But don’t just search for moving companies who lowball you on price but are unable to deliver quality service don’t be fooled by the company with the lowest price. Look for company is licensed and insured and review their testimonials to make sure the company you have chosen is a reputable company.

Mileage is not a Variable

New Jersey Moving Companies

Relocation is, without a doubt, one of the most overwhelming events in a person’s life so when considering which van line to choose for your next long distance move, keep in mind that the only non-adjustable variable is the mileage.  By donating any unwanted items, you can keep costs low as many companies charge per item or by weight.  But it’s clear that you won’t be able to adjust the mileage, therefore, if you’re planning a long distance move, select a company that doesn’t give you a quote based solely on distance.  Additionally, be sure that the companies you are examining are approved to engage in cross-state relocation. Check all credentials as well as verifying with the BBB that they are properly licensed and insured.

How a Personal Relocation Consultant Can Help You

New Jersey Long Distance Moving Companies

Many long distance moving companies provide a Personal Relocation Consultant to handle every detail of your move.  This person is appointed to develop a customized moving plan that keeps each unique facet of your move in mind.  The coordinator helps eliminate the hassle and stress generally related with the moving process.  A reputed moving company is concerned with providing excellent customer service and will pride itself on paying individual attention to all your moving needs.  It is their responsibility to think ahead, expect the unexpected and prepare for unknown by researching routes, times, distance and weather conditions.  So before you choose a van line that will relocate you, ask if they’ll be a Personal Relocation Consultant assigned to your specific move.

Is Your Time Important to You?

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With today’s multi-tasking generation, it’s no surprise that most of us feel our time is considerably more important than saving cash. For as financially strapped as most of us are, we’d rather pay someone to mow the lawn, clean the house or help us pack and/or move. Paying someone to assist in labor-intensive, time-consuming tasks can substantially make one’s life much easier. So if you’re considering a relocation in your future, think about hiring a professional van line to help you with all your moving needs. A Relocation Specialist can coordinate every detail of your move from beginning to end. No job is too large or too small. They can also provide you with an experienced team of packers so that all you need to do during this stressful time is sit back and point. Let them pack the boxes, sort the breakables, cart up the books and move the heavy furniture. On moving day, the professional moving crew will precisely manage every detail, follow each unique request and secure your most prized possessions.

Safeguarding Your Heart During Your Next Move

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In today’s hard economic times, many families are forced into selling their home and moving in with relatives.  Although it will be a humbling time of gratitude, and a gift-horse should never be looked at in the mouth, but a touch of “home” is necessary to make the transition easier on everyone.  As children, most of us had that special, significant item that we bonded with, took everywhere and comforted us when we were sad, lonely or scared.  As adults, a bit of nostalgia can still go a long way so when packing up your life to put into storage as you head off to live with mom & dad once again, don’t forget to leave out some comfort items for everyone in the family to help with the transition from one stage of your life to another.  Professional packers can help properly store all your belongings and professional movers can get it there safely but only you can safeguard your heart against anguish because change is imminent but being homesick isn’t.

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