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We began as a family business, learned the art of moving together as a family, and have remained committed as a family to giving you a stellar moving experience. Every member of the team at Prudential Van Lines respects your financial considerations and handles every detail and every item as if we ourselves were the customer.

The plethora of moving companies in the Tri-State area might make you decide that one is just as good as another. Not true! Moving is stressful. The purchase of moving services is a serious consumer decision. Prudential Van Lines is an established presence in the moving industry. We cannot promise to be the least-expensive mover every time. However, we believe that the combination of our intense attention to detail, our sincere focus on quality, and our careful persistence in keeping costs down will make the difference when you choose your mover.

There are over 31 million people in the Tri-State area. We know we cannot be the moving company for everyone. However, always contact us for an estimate, whether it is for personal or commercial purposes. We would be honored to move your precious possessions or give you tips and suggestions that will help your move.

65 Railroad Ave
Ridgefield, NJ 07657
(201) 646-9200

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