Coping with an Emotional Move

One thing we can all agree on is that moving is very stressful.  We never look at the other side.  There are lots of ways to minimize the stress of moving so you can actually enjoy the life moment.  Being able to look forward to moving as a plus, as well as a satisfying experience.

Try these top 5 tips to help with an Emotional move.

  1. Time is always in short supply, so try to plan ahead.  A time line with 8-12 weeks to get ready for the move should be sufficient.
  2. Organization is key to keeping you on track and help reduce your stress levels.
  3. Clearing out the Clutter can be freeing.  I have found box’s from a previous move that I never opened!  It is a great feeling to clear out these items, you can always breath better knowing that you are clutter free.
  4. Saying Farewell to your old neighborhood.  This can help close out this chapter of your life and let you look back with fond memories.
  5. Taking Care of You!  We often think we don’t have the time, but it does not have to be time consuming  and it can refill your tank which is usually on empty.  Try visiting your favorite coffee shop, stop by and visit family or getting a good nights sleep with a healthy meal.
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